DR. SCHNEIDER PC SJC-030B Hammer type Surface resistance meter

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Dr. Schneider PC

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Product Description

The SJC-030B Megohmmeter kit measures surface resistivity, resistance, temperature and humidity. It is designed to test conductive, anti‐static, and static dissipative surfaces for electrical resistivity/resistance according to EOS/ESD, CECC, ANSI, ASTM and UL test procedures.

The internal parallel electrodes comply with DIN EN 100 015/1 & ANSI/ESDA‐S11.11. The five pound electrodes can be externally connected for tests according to IEC 61340‐4‐1, ANSI/ESDA S4.1 & ANSI/ESDA S7.1.

SJC-030B Megohmmeter Includes:

Tester Two 5lb probes One ground cord Two accordion cables (stereo to banana) 110 power adapter* 9 volt battery Foam lined carrying case Certificate of calibration

*SJC-030B  Celsius models come equipped with 220v power adapter unless specified


Resistivity: 103 ‐1012 ohms/sq. Resistance: 103 ‐1012 ohms Relative Humidity: 10% ‐90% RH Temperature: 32°F to 100°F or 0°C – 37.7°C if Celsius model was purchased Measuring voltage: 10v and 100v



The SJC-030B Megohm meter is a dependable and easy to use audit kit for conductive and dissipative surfaces. This meter is designed to be used in all facets of material production including engineering, maintenance, quality control, incoming inspection, manufacturing, research, or sales departments for the testing of anti‐static mats, floor finishes, paints, wrist straps, smocks, foot wear, bags and containers.

When using the built‐in electrodes, the meter’s test values for surface resistivity are in ohms per square. When using the external five pound electrodes, the meter’s test values for resistance are in ohms (although they are displayed in ohms/sq.).


103 = 1 kilohm

104 = 10 kilohms

105 = 100 kilohms

106 = 1megohm

107 = 10 meg ohms

108 = 100 meg ohms

109 = 1000 meg ohms

1010 = 10,000 meg ohms

1011 = 100,000 meg ohms

1012 = 1,000,000 meg ohms

The test value is indicated on the LCD display. Unlike meters with LEDS that indicate only the decade the measured value falls within, the SL-030R will show the actual value.

25 ohms (2.5 x 107) is displayed as 2.5 e07 ohms/sq


The test voltage ranges are 10v and 100v. According to ESDA standards S4.1, S7.1, and S11.11 one should choose 10v for conductive surfaces less than 106 and 100v for materials 106 or greater. . If the meter cannot apply the correct voltage automatically, it will advise you to change to the proper setting manually. Use the switch in front of the meter to change voltage setting.

As defined by the ESD Association, values indicate the following:





10 volt

< 106 ohms per square


100 volt

106 – 1011 ohms per square


100 volt

1012 > ohms per square


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