• DR. SCHNEIDER PC Surface resistance meter SL-030R
  • DR. SCHNEIDER PC Surface resistance meter SL-030R
  • DR. SCHNEIDER PC Surface resistance meter SL-030R

DR. SCHNEIDER PC Surface resistance meter SL-030R

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Dr. Schneider PC

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US $ 150 / pc

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1 pc

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Product Description

The SL-030R is a lightweight, pocket-sized, auto-ranging surface resistivity meter.  It is designed to test conductive, dissipative, and insulative surfaces for electrical resistivity according to the ESDA’s parallel resistivity probe method DIN EN 100 015/1 & ANSI/ESDA-S11.11.


If the meter is used with the 5-lb probes available in the accessory kit, it will comply to

IEC 61340-4-1, ANSI/ESDA S4.1 and ANSI/ESDA S7.1.


SL-030R Resistivity Meter includes:

* Tester

* Two accordion cables

* 9-volt battery

* Certificate of calibration



* Resistivity: 103-1012 ohms/square

* Resistance: 103-1012 ohms

* Measuring voltage: 10v and 100v



The SL-030R Resistivity Meter is an easy-to-use tester for measuring surface resistivity.  When used with the SL-030R Accessory Kit, the Meter is a dependable audit kit for conductive and dissipative surfaces. This meter is designed for use in all facets of material production including engineering, maintenance, quality control, incoming inspection, manufacturing and research, or in sales departments for the testing of anti-static mats, floor finishes, paints, wrist straps, smocks, footwear, bags and containers.


When using the built-in probes, the meter’s test values for surface resistivity are in ohms per square (although they are displayed in ohms).




103               =              1 kilohm

104               =              10 kilohms

105               =              100 kilohms

3 x 105   =          300 kilohms

106               =              1 meg ohm

3 x 106   =          3 meg ohm

107               =              10 meg ohms

3 x 107   =          30 meg ohms

108               =              100 meg ohms

3 x 108   =          300 meg ohms

109               =              1000 meg ohms

3 x 109   =          3000 meg ohms

1010            =              10,000 meg ohms

1011            =              100,000 meg ohms

1012            =              1,000,000 meg ohms




The test value is indicated on the LED display. Half decades provide greater accuracy by giving a closer approximation to the measurement value.  An LED will brighten to the according test result. Colors signify the test value’s function.


Color          Indicating  Function

Green                  Conductive                                                              103 - 105

Yellow                  Dissipative: ideal test measurement                     3 x 105 - 109

Orange                Dissipative, but close to going out of spec            3 x 109 – 1010

Red                      Near-insulative to insulative                                  1011 - 1012



The test voltages are 10v and 100v. According to ESD Association (ESDA) standards S4.1, S7.1, and S11.11, 10v should be applied to surfaces with resistivity of less than 106 and 100v should

be applied to surfaces with resistivity of 106 or greater.  The SL-030R will automatically generate the proper voltage according to the test measurement. As defined by the ESDA, values indicate the following:





10 volt

< 106 ohms per square


100 volt

106 – 1011 ohms per square


100 volt

> 1011 ohms per square


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