• 2m Far working Distance Statice 1800mm Length Eliminator Ionizing Air Curtain
  • 2m Far working Distance Statice 1800mm Length Eliminator Ionizing Air Curtain
  • 2m Far working Distance Statice 1800mm Length Eliminator Ionizing Air Curtain

2m Far working Distance Statice 1800mm Length Eliminator Ionizing Air Curtain

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Product Description


Read this operation guide before use!

This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical sensory or mental capacities, or lack of experience and knowledge unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety

-Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.


Operation and maintenance


EC-600 ion air curtain is a special device for eliminating static electricity. It has the characteristics of simple installation, stable operation and large elimination of static electricity.


Section 1  Principle of static electricity elimination

The EC-1800 air curtain generates a high voltage, forming a stable high-strength electric field, then ionizes the airflow and produces ions. When the ions with air flow reach the objects surface, neutralizing their static electricity.


The air volume of the device can be adjusted by a speed switch in a wide range. There is a special cleaner on the ionization device to remove the dust on the ionization needle and keep the ionization device working properly.


The EC-600 ion air curtain has a dedicated ion balance circuit that achieves automatic ion balance. The anti-static function can solve the production problems caused by static electricity, such as solving the problem of dust collection caused by static electricity, the problem of adhesion during processing of plastic products, and the jumping of small parts caused by electrostatic.



Section 2  Product Features


1. Neutralizes static electricity quickly.

2. The ion flow covers a large area.

3. The air volume could be adjusted in a large range.

4. Ionization indicator.

5. The device has good grounding protection.


Section 3  Specification

Input voltage

220V/50H or110V/60Hz


AC 7.0KV

Ion balance

≤±35V30cm in front of the Device

Decay time

≤0.5S 30cm in front of the Device

Ozone volume

0.03PPM(15cm in front of the Device) 

Working temperature


Dimension  mm


Flow speed (m/s)

(Noise (Db)





























Surface treatment



The ion balance voltage and static elimination time of the ion air curtain are in compliance with the ESD standard, and the static elimination time is measured from a test voltage of 1000V to 100V.

* Test data is based on the results of the ME268A Electrostatic Tester.

* Test data will vary due to changes in temperature and humidity of the surrounding air


Section 4  Precautions


4.1 Read the operating instructions before installation.

4.2 Reliable grounding must be done before operation.

4.3 The guard plate are not allowed to be inserted foreign objects.

4.4 Do not operate in flammable and explosive environments.

4.5 Do not repair without authorization.


Section 5  Installation


The ion air curtain has a long service life, and the "L" frame is fixed to the side of the device. Use M8 diameter plum screw to install it onto the wanted position. If the work place is a particularly dirty environment, a filter is optional.


The ion air curtain requires 110V, 60Hz/220, 50Hz voltage, and the grounding socket should be a single-phase standard, and the socket has a safety grounding wire.


Section 6  Operation


If the ion air curtain is well connected with right electricity, then press the power button, the device start to work.


To adjust the airflow direction, loosen the bracket plum screw, tilt the device body to adjust the up and down position, and then tighten the bracket screw after adjusting.


The ion air curtain produces an ionized air covering the target area. The neutralization time is determined by various factors. The two most important reasons are the distance and the airflow speed. The ions are constantly neutralized with each other, and the cations and anions are attracted to each other by static electricity to form a transfer of these charges and recombine. High ion flow speeds enable them to neutralize further away, and the greater the airflow speed, the faster the neutralization. When using the device for electronics assembly, the ionized airflow should cover the working area as much as possible, so that the positive and negative charges on the surface of the object can be well neutralized.

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