E-SF100 M0.8-2.0 MINI Automation Mobile Industrial Automatic Screw Feeder

E-SF100 M0.8-2.0 MINI Automation Mobile Industrial Automatic Screw Feeder

Model No.︰E-SF100

Brand Name︰IONSTAT

Country of Origin︰China

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Product Description


【 Product Description】


Compact automatic screw feeder machine,simple structure, less

failure, quiet operation,You can use pan head screws from M0.8-M2.0

【 Product Features】


The smallest and most accurate automatic screw professional machine;


Suitable for M0.8-M2.0 screws; the longest can be made 10MM, the

track is adjustable;


Rotary type, using the walking motor to transport screws, high



Air suction type, repeat positioning accuracy is ± 0.02;


With digital display, precision technology, with fault alarm;Signal output

for PLC detection function;


The speed is adjustable, the delay is adjustable, and the operation is



Different screws and different indexing plates can be used for more

accurate feeding and effectively improve work efficiency;


Signal output for PLC detection function.


Applications: mobile phones, hard drives, keyboards, computers, home appliances, fans, electronics, plastics, speakers, appliances, toys, DVDs, communication devices, etc.

INPUT POWER AC100-240V 50/60HZ
  DC12V 1.5A
  Line protection overload stop or reverse, protecting the motor and circuit board
  One hexagonal screwdriver, operating manual, power adaptor


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