Brushless Electric Screwdriver Screw Driver Smart Controller

Brushless Electric Screwdriver Screw Driver Smart Controller

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Brand Name︰IONSTAT

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Brushless servo electric screwdrivers can realize free programming of the tightening assembly process. 

Within the performance parameters,it can realize precise fastening ,according to different tightening process requirements to set freely,adjusting torque,speed,waiting time and direction of rotation.

brushless servo electric screwdriver is based on servo control technology, to ensure that the torque accuracy of tightening torque assembly controlled within standard deviation +/- 3%.

Through the built-in torque and rotative angle sensor, it can achieve precise control of the NCS screwdrivers during each tightening process and record all important parameters of tightening process in real time.

Under normal working condition, brushless servo electric screwdriver can achieve C m k more or equal to1.67 (torque setting tolerance +/-10% ), complying with ISO 5393 and 6Sigma principles .C m k value of 1.67means only 0.6 failure rate per million screws,that is the qualified rate is as high as 99.99994%.

Brushless servo electric screwdriver adopts brushless motor, supplied with PF5015 or PF5030 controller,to ensure the flexibility of tightening technique and reliability of tightening process.

Built-in current and rotatuve angle measurements can realize precise control and monitoring of brushless servo electric screwdrivers during each tightening process,record all important parameters of tightening process,and ensure the highest accuracy. 

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