E-SDWH Clean Room Home Business handle Shoe Covers Dispenser

E-SDWH Clean Room Home Business handle Shoe Covers Dispenser

Model No.︰E-SD21

Brand Name︰IONSTAT

Country of Origin︰-

Unit Price︰CNY ¥ 453 / pc

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

1. The main components of the machine are microcomputer-controlled circuit boards, display boards, shoe cover recognition control boards, DC motors, infrared switches, limit switches, electromagnets, LED lights, etc. The machine works automatically without human assistance.

3. The machine is equipped with four pairs of infrared detection switches, which can effectively protect human feet from being pinched by the machine.

4. The microcomputer-controlled circuit board in the machine can intelligently display the machine fault code. When the machine fails, you can know the cause of the machine fault based on the fault code.

5. The maximum shoe cover capacity of the shoe cover machine is 200 pieces, that is, insert the shoe cover box into the machine at one time to complete the shoe cover installation process, until the shoe cover is used up, no additional shoe cover is needed.

5. The remaining quantity in the shoe cover can be displayed on the display. Each time one is used, the number of shoe covers is reduced by one. With this data reference, the user can know the number of remaining shoe covers in the shoe cover machine. The new model can be automatically identified He remembers the number of shoe covers, no need to set any numbers!

6. When the machine fails, the machine will automatically stop, and the maintenance indicator will light up to remind the staff to perform maintenance

E-SD21 Shoe cover capacity:

 PE: 100pcs, CPE: 80pcs,

 non-woven fabric: 50pcs,

machine size: L63*W31*H75cm,

packaging size: L71*W37.5*H82cm/CTN,

net weight: 19KGS/set,

gross weight: 21KGS/set/ctn

Color: white/silver/gold

Payment Terms︰ TT in advance

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