Big Capacity 400pcs Shoe covers Clean Room Home Business Shoe Covers Dispenser

Big Capacity 400pcs Shoe covers Clean Room Home Business Shoe Covers Dispenser

Model No.︰E-SD19

Brand Name︰IONSTAT

Country of Origin︰-

Unit Price︰CNY ¥ 60 / pc

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description


Working Temperature (℃) 8-40

Battery type Lithium Battery 

Charging time About 2 Hours

 Battery voltage DC 12V

Adapter Voltage DC15V


2. Instruction

Before using the machine, be sure to do the following:

●Read all contents of the manual carefully and use the machine according to the instructions in this manual.

●Keep this manual in a safe place. If you transfer the product to a third party, please attach this manual together.


About Battery

Check the AC power supply voltage while charging, to ensure that the battery is charged in a safe condition.

! Do not touch the mains socket and charger with your wet hands.

! When charging, place the machine in corner to prevent bumping or tripping child.

! Please unplug the charger promptly after charging is finished. If you need to go out when charging, please unplug the charger before leaving.

! If the machine emits smoke or burning taste while charging, unplug the charger immediately and contact the service center.

! Non-professionals are not free to disassemble the product or replace the battery.

! If you need to replace the host battery or charger, please contact our company's after-sales service department or you must purchase our company's original accessories, otherwise there may be potentially dangerous, and the resulting damage to this product is not covered by the warranty.

! Please dispose used batteries properly, do not put batteries in the water, and do not throw them away at will.

Optional Handle for more comfortable experience.

Payment Terms︰ TT in advance

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